New Regent in Sweden


Jul 15, 2019
Reval, Estonia 1653 *a young man comes walking into the luxurious home of Count Magnus Gabriel de la Gardie*

Messenger: "The King has passed away, killed in a hunting accident up in Finland."

Magnus: *silent for a moment* "This is very unfortunate news, he was a good friend of mine."

Messenger: "We will need money from the Swedish East India Company to help put on the funeral in Stockholm."

Magnus: "Of course, we'll sponsor the funeral and other events honoring the King. When am I needed in Stockholm?"

Messenger: "The sooner the better, people no of your reputation in Stockholm, you are widely known as a good leader, it will spark hope in the people"

Magnus: "I shall come soon then"

*Messenger leaves, Magnus prepares his bodyguards and buys a boat in order to make the trip*

Naval Base, Gotland *Magnus stops at the harbor of Gotland*

Magnus: "Hello all, I am Duke of Livonia, I've stopped by on my way to Stockholm in order to sponsor the funeral of the late King and oversee the crowing of the new King"

Soldier: "There shall not be a new King for a few years, he is too young for the throne."

Magnus: "Who will be the regent then?"

Soldier: "We've been told you are the regent, as you have been the Kings secondhand man since his start."

Magnus: "I don't like to spend my time listening to rumors. The higher-ups in government will figure out who will be regent"

*Magnus leaves on a larger naval boat to Stockholm*

*Once Magnus got there everyone turned to him on the harbor*

*People asked him what he will be doing as regent and how will he help out the Swedish*

Meeting Room, Stockholm

Captain of Army: "Magnus, you will be crowned regent, the King had a letter saying that if anything shall happen to him and his son is too young, you will become Regent until he grows up."

Magnus: *looks noble* "I will fulfill my duties to the fullest extent.

Once all the high-up nobles met in Stockholm they all agreed.... Magnus Gabriel de la Gardie, through his life experiences and accolades shall become the Regent of Sweden until Charles XI grows old enough to lead.