Staff Manager
Staff Manager
Jun 26, 2019
Wow. We did it, myself, @Lange and @Longstriker were over the moon.

Forty-five players. I haven't seen anything like it, and to say that I contributed as a member of staff left me speechless. A massive thank you to @Longstriker who has put hours into the server, website and put up with my constant nagging. Without him, none of this would have been possible. @Lange for the continued support and a great representative. Lastly, our Moderators - we've had a rough patch but honestly, without them, my job would be near impossible.

Where do we go from here? Consistency. It's hard but required. You guys aren't silly when we slip you realise. Which is why it is important to maintain our high expectation of players and staff which makes this community unique.

If there is one thing I have realised that the player voice is an incredibly important part of this. Without it becomes problematic, which is why I am launching something called: 'BIG Voice' was I inspired by the TV show? No... perhaps. Once a month, you will be invited onto our Discord where you are able to voice your positives or negatives which will help us improve.

Once again, none of this would have been possible without YOU.

Much Love
~ WorldScape