Kees Takes Power In the Netherlands


Jul 17, 2019
Kees de Molenaar sits at his desk in his apartment looking out upon the streets the candle light flickers across a sheet of lost stock he was accounting for. Commoners go to and from their tasks with caution. As if something could go terribly wrong any second as it very well might. The raids from the HRE have become more frequent and with more and more soldiers. Everybody has lost something from these raids. Family, money, personal belongings the list goes on.

Kees had grown in popularity with the Dutch people, starting out as a bartender Kees quickly invested in real estate. Collecting rent from the people and growing in wealth. He was a just and fair man and would often overlook rent for a struggling family. This was becoming more and more common during the war with the HRE. Kees also gained a position as second in command in the Dutch police force, the SA, after his bravery while captured by the HRE early in the war.

Kees joined in the hopeless defense more times than not and participated in the one bright spot of the war. The shelling and raid of Essen. Kees even fired the shot that killed the King of Modena gaining him much renown and honor from his peers. He was regretful that some Fuggers died as he was cordial with the family. "Alas that is war" Kees often justified it.

Then Stadhouder Willem has been captured. This news threw things into chaos. Kees never cared for the Stadhouder as he refused to pay Kees' ransom to escape the hell that was Munich, it was also rumored that the Stadhouder was caught attempting to flee his people. Kees didn't much care. It was the stability he cared about and without a Stadhouder stability was nowhere to be seen. Nicolaas van den Berg, the head of state, has not been seen for weeks now. Juliaan Willems took advantage of the instability and seized power with the help of the SA.

But for the past few days even Juliaan has stopped making public appearances. "The people need a fucking leader" Kees muttered. Then he slammed his fist against his desk letting his hair droop over his eyes.

He quickly heaved himself up from his sitting position and stormed to the door. Enough was enough. He traveled over to the police station and gathered his loyal men and set off for the Binnenhof. When he arrived, he found no council, no leader, just chaos. It was time somebody took charge and Kees would do it. "Somebody had to do it god dammit"

He gathered his supporters that night in the courtyard of the Binnenhof and gave a speech

"People Of the Netherlands!
We face destruction from our east, the Holy Roman Empire and her pawns look upon our precious land with greedy eyes and hateful hearts.

Many think this war is unwinnable, that the jaws of defeat loom more and more every day!
To them I say this.
The war may be fought on the battlefield, but the war will be won in the mines, the farms, the blacksmiths. TO WORK”

We will hold them, and they will slosh against our defenses like water off rock!
We will out produce,
We will outsmart them, We will out FIGHT them!


The crowd cheered and for the first time in weeks there was hope in the Netherlands. Kees looked on the crowd and grinned. “We’re going to do this” he thought to himself “We’re going to win this thing”

(OOC Radiantal gave my character leadership of Netherlands while he’s away and now there is hope to win the war)



Jul 23, 2019
This war is gonna be a lot more fun and balanced for everyone now that the Dutch have a leader who's willing to fight back