"Battle of Vers Amiens"

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Jun 26, 2019
The British marched on through thick and thin – the trenches were rough. Covered and caked in mud, it was clear the day was almost done and so were the men…

Suddenly, you hear Corporal Clapham from the top of his lungs; “GERMANS!” – it echoed. The men got into their positions, determined to take back the acquaint French town “Vers Amiens”.

Korporal Lange spotted the ‘Brits from distance – “Dummköpfe!" as he stamped his feet. Lange and his men continued to push forward, getting closer and closer to the British.

Suddenly, both sides came to standstill, the town so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Clapham ordered his men to attack, a bloody one at that.

He quickly realised his men were in trouble, he started to retreat but it was too late for the most part. Privatgelände Nymphiss pulled through raising the empire flag whilst shouting “God with us” blood, sweat and possibly tears dripping from his face. A man with many emotions.

A special thanks to all that participated and congratulations to the Germans, especially Nymphiss for being last alive.


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