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It has been a long time since myself and Joseph have managed servers. Truth be told, I was adamant them days were done. Seems not.

My passion for leading a successful, entertaining, driven server is still there and I was adamant to offer committed players a better option. A promising option.

Ultimately, our aim is to offer a friendly, roleplay-driven experience with committed staff. We are doing this by expanding our team significantly. Our team will include: Helper < Moderator < Lead Moderator < Administrator < Technician < Manager < Owner. In-order to further expand, we are launching sub-teams, these include: Media/Application/Discord.

We will be offering nation leaders the ability to use Limited Creative within their first week of peace. This was a tough decision to make, but we truly believe this will enhance the roleplay experience overall. I must mention, Limited Creative will not be sold!

Over the last few weeks, the team have been working around the clock to focus on war rules, we know this is important to players and must be right from the start. Luckily, with the help of Fluffycop we have found a system that is fair but challenging whilst maintaining healthy roleplay. Please find it here.

Character Applications! Why have them? Again, our focus is quality and quantity of roleplay. By having applications, your character becomes valued. No one wants to submit an application every-week, you will become more vigilant of your actions in-game and decide your fate carefully.

Our plugins are carefully configured by our Technician to enhance roleplay throughout. We give you ability to mute channels, allowing you to focus on roleplay without the distraction of OOC. Custom locks! This plugin is unique to us and has not been seen on any other civilization server. It allows you to pick locks, your chests can be configured with a variety of locks some easy, some hard. Thief’s everywhere!

Finally, our map is fully customised by the excellent AllyJamy who has worked for years fine-tuning the world to match with realism. You can find our Dynmap here.

Thank you.
Liam (King_Lange / Owner)
Joseph (Clapham / Staff Manager)

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